BUILDIN-Construction Varna

BULDING-Construction of Varna
„BULDING“ Ltd. has experience in building houses. We can prepare a detailed offer for rough construction „or turnkey“ then provided drawings in design, architecture and quantitative account. Each object has its own characteristics, these prices are indicative. According to SPA „rough construction“ building or structure on which the surrounding walls and roof without or with varying degrees of finishing works. Rough construction includes construction works (construction works), which in large part are common areas – these are all concrete elements, such as foundations, slabs, beams, columns and other structural elements staircases of buildings with condominium, the roof, the total branches of the interior fittings. The average price for a „shell“ of the house is 120-150 euro VAT. The price of rough work does not include prices of site preparation work – fencing of the site, excavations, bathroom, security tool and material, and back filling with rammer, drainage and waterproofing foundations. The price for the roof structure is calculated separately, as it is relatively less than the average price of rough construction. The price of rough construction enters the value of materials and labor. The price includes labor and materials for the foundation (reinforcement, shuttering and pouring of foundations), reinforcement, shuttering and pouring of concrete slabs, columns, beams, stairs and roof if it is of reinforced concrete. Also includes labor and materials for masonry. The price of materials is charged and the rate of transport and loading and unloading. It forms the final price for „rough construction“. It is recommended that the contractor is registered in the Civil Registry. If not legitimate municipality will create obstacles in the legalization of the house afterwards. All prices are approximate and subject to comment. Exact offer may be made after delivery of the project documentation.
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