To give you an accurate quote for your house will you need drawings of architectural part, construction and quantitative account. I can give a fairly wide benchmark for the price: from € 80 to € 160 for rough work. And to become clearer things will show you graphically houses / below photo / with roughly the same area of the plate, but different amounts of materials. So a house while out of the ground can „swallow“ 30,000 lev, another house in the same area could „swallow“ 55 000 lev and a third building that has a stripe and shallower foundations, while pour first plate / plus it / can cost 10 000 Levs. It is important at the outset of the encounter architect who is „in time“ with the quantities and to work in harmony with the whole team in the preparation of drawings and permits to start construction. If you architect, you may contact our one that has been tested and proven over time. He will be supervising you, which means convenience for you. I will tell you that the roof is a very serious item in the construction of the house, which is overlooked by the investor. If the last plate of the house / Your ceiling on the top floor / is 130 square meters, the plate is multiplied by a factor of 1.4, to obtain roughly the size of the squares in the pitched roof. Obtained roof of 182 square meters The average cost of the roof is 90 Levs to 120 Levs the type of tiles, timber and the number of rays, ie according to its complexity. So you have some 18,000 lev to the roof of the first reading. The most optimal for the construction of a family house for me is this: house, stripe bases to meter trench plates with dimensions of approximately 70 square beams under the roof, absorbed attic with sgavaeme stems simple cubic or cuboid architecture. Such houses out between 45-55000 lev rough construction / labor and materials / with roof. The price of rough work does not include prices of site preparation work – fencing of the site, excavations, bathroom, security tools and material. Also back filling with rammer, drainage and waterproofing foundations. If you are away from home brigade execution will be charged and tolls or must provide sleeping people at your expense. The price of rough construction includes all valuable material prices, as well as workers. The price includes labor and materials for the foundation (reinforcement, shuttering and pouring of foundations), reinforcement, shuttering and pouring of concrete slabs, columns, beams, stairs and roof if it is of reinforced concrete. Also includes labor and materials for free masonry and plastering. The price of materials is charged and the rate of transport and loading and unloading. Example 1 / person who shared a building in Internet / customer response forum for construction: „Prices for rough work can vary dosta.Mnogo people misunderstand price m2.Tryabva always be aware in“ square meters „what is in predvid.Dosta companies speculate tsenite.Davam example of my house which, recently built area of 165m2 or 75m2 floor area (first floor) and 90m2 second etazh.Razhodite my shell 52 000 leva. work + materials. Building it with the brigade, I was technically and your purchase materialite.Az was involved in the documentation and everything. So examples: If we think of the 165m2 area: 52000 / 165m2 / 1.95583 = 161 euros / m2 If we constructively (as say builders) – 75m2 foundations + 90m2 first plate + 90m2 second plate + 120m2 roof (a shared foundation or roof in the area of the plates) – It may be equal to 375m2 and 300m2: 52000 / 375m2 / 1.95583 = € 71 / m2 52000 / 300m2 / 1.95583 = € 89 / m2 all builders are betting a quantitative account of the investor and make of quantities with prices they rabotyat.Poluchava is an extreme amount of earnings and any charges and it is divided by the square. The question here is: each client to know what area is dividing the PRICE OF M2 AND WHAT EXACTLY included in this price. „Thanks to: http: //remontni.blogspot.com/ Example 2 / person who shared the construction in Internet / my house is 230 sq. meters on one floor and now the price of rough construction –––– 83 000 leva. I say why it is so: a little thick plate without reverse beams on roof beams on the ceiling, huge rooms. 7 tons iron 180kub concrete i.t.n.Smyatah take brigade and began to believe in KSF, came to 77000 without rent for roadways, van rental for the brigade, toilet ikup other things. I wanted to work an average of 30 BGN per square meter / 224 bases, first floor 259, a roof 320 / .Razlikata work of 4 teams were 2-3 lev to kvadrat.Tova is .Nakraya decided: without touch anything 83 bats. Hello I’m still in the beginnings, that have poured foundations. I can give you an offer for the roof but they consider it over 219 square meters expect a correction but not in my polza.Dano not wrong. Delivery of timber and making roof m3 507.60 9.72 4,933.87 lev lev delivery and installation of planed pine planks 2.5 cm for roof sheathing m2 219.00 3,431.75 13.25 lev lev supply and laying mineral wool m2 259.00 1,258.74 4.86 lev lev Shipping & laying the roof diffuse foil m2 219.00 3.85 lev 997.15 lev Delivery and making lath sheathing roof m2 219.00 3.20 lev 828.80 lev Supply and installation of tiles „Bramac“ m2 259.00 22.20 lev 5,749.80 lev waterproofing membrane m2 219.00 3.10 lev 802.90 lev Delivery and installation shutters „Bramac“ ml 70.03 10.24 lev 717.11 lev Supply and installation of valleys „Bramac“ ml 19.09 25.95 lev 495.39 lev sealing connection to chimneys ml 2.80 23.60 lev 66.08 lev Supply and installation of hanging gutter ml 70.55 11.78 lev 831.08 lev Shipping & installation of drainage cistern No. 8.00 38.00 304.00 lev lev Supply and installation of gutters ml 28.35 12.53 355.23 lev lev from imoti.net TOTAL: 20,771.89 lev Best to start excavation for rough construction around April. Wet processes such as pouring concrete, masonry and spreads, it is not desirable to carry out in subzero temperatures, although can convince you how concrete can be placed grafts, etc. The big problem is how to find a contractor or only masters. If you find people as expected, you may not feel the construction, but it probably will not happen. If you do not have time or acquaintances to deal at least with sourcing, you will have to hire a contractor who is perhaps best option. If you have more time, you can find a group of workers, usually one of them is a senior and it is called „contractor“, as do supply you with his help. What you should know as rules: If you sign a contract, make sure 90 percent of the total amount is not focused on the ground floor or the cost of the roof to look too small. If you sign a contract, describe and materials. The concrete must be at least B20, although the constructors prescribe and smaller marks. Price between B20 and B12 is negligible compared to the difference in their quality. The quality of the fittings is equally bricks watch just to look at. Tiles, just choose – such high-profile „Bramac“, produced in Silistra German license with 30 years warranty (which does not apply if you do not pay they double you put them) Looks good. Insulation that will have little to rough construction must be at least weighing 15-18kg / m3. Lime masonry is not important. The timber roof is selected hard should be as dry, for the beams’ without hearts „and on the boards“ without lids. “ Waterproofing, gutters and more. merely optional, but save them in the contract. Avoid buying their own things and equipment construction. The company brings their own tools. The quality of the rough construction is not monitored difficult. The most important is to have straight walls and square corners. Know that BDS, which is a law that is in force whether or save it in the contract explicitly or not, the deviation in the wall of one centimeter wall and vertically throughout the house only three centimeters. Moreover plasterer could you want in plaster over 3 cm and 4 cm plaster over an additional amount of labor. So cheapest bricklayers and carpenters can come out the most expensive. To check the valve, best pay constructor on 20-30leva to check its placement before each pour of concrete. In practice, almost always you have to do reprimand the main bars to raise formwork. In razkofrirane if the main reinforcement shown is desirable to gloss over immediately with cement milk (not lime) to stop the oxidation process the valve. Already past the time at which the concrete plant will spew less concrete or driver will pour off somewhere, but every driver should give you a shipment of what and how much concrete drive. http://estroi.bghot.com/grubo.php 10 most glaring mistakes when building a house some time ago at a party, I met some old friends and one of them spoke of building his own house. “ ..vzemi highest price that you can imagine for your house, added 50,000 lev top and get the ultimate price … „this statement intrigued me and soon I was able to question him in detail of it was clear that he had done quite normal. The project was developed by architect and construction is assigned to a separate brigades and during construction has made ​​several changes. What had led to this escalation? This is a typical example of incompetent actions leading always behind to their charge. So I will try, based on my experience to present the most common mistakes leading to increased costs in the construction of their own home. Error № 1: „Comparison of prices and offers can I do myself!“ You compare prices of tenders, it compare apples and pears. Forget! The truth is that only experienced professionals and then after a thorough examination, are able to compare seriously and responsibly tenders from contractors. In this comparison, the main criterion „Price“ shall not is a fundamental principle, very important here and comparison technology, quality of materials, time schedules, warranty periods and commitments … and … and Error №2: „You do not need a consultant!“ You did not consult or at least do not do it in really / independent / professional. Big mistake! In this truly independent means that he does not receive financial incentives from the bidders in writing and you declare it. he partnered real you, not the designer Independent primarily means that you have to pay for the service requested. Your personal consultant should be familiar with the full volume of works on the construction of your house, not just the parts. Error №3: „Use separate construction teams will poeftini my house!“ Leave on arrangements to indulge themselves separate construction works of construction brigades and companies because it will save you money. In a large misconception you! The truth is that the only ones who benefit from this situation are themselves artists. Thus, they have less risk and an opportunity to shift the blame on each other. Furthermore, inserting ing his own goal with the extra costs of each artist / Supplied warehouse etc /, which will appear in your account. So Assign construction „turnkey“, with a clear and bound contractually fixed price. „Turn-key“ and „fixed price“ means everything really satisfied quality and on time and without extra / hidden / costs. Something that can help your consultant. / See error №2 / Error №4: „Laying of own labor, will save you money!“ You want to get involved with their own efforts to save one another lev it’s like to stop the clock to save time. The truth is that if you calculate more precise / here we must not forget that all the materials you will need to buy / s bottom line, not only did not win anything, but at the same time lose not only his own time, but guarantee that we provide performers on the finished product. Oshe more that this is valid not only for relatively complex operations, such as installation of insulation, but also relatively simple stoitelno works / masonry /. Error №5: „Pretty brokerka course my wishes!“ As might be guessed, the agent’s work as nice / to be he / she can sell your house (Apartments on, dwelling). Of good faith, there is no question. The broker you want only two things – your signature and the percentage of transaction, these two things would you promised everything. So: Get agent quickly and have influence over everything that happens through your proektmenidzhara. Error №6: „Big business means security!“ The size is not everything, it is applicable to your house and plot for you. This principle applies to the company that hired you to build your home, not coincidentally some of the largest construction companies went bankrupt during the period of crisis. Tip: Look for a builder who built two or three houses a year, it will be big enough market to suddenly disappears and small enough to fight tooth and nail for his client. Error №7: „My Architect, will make the whole house!“ One does not need necessarily by architect to build a normal house (here come all the houses 500,000 lev) Still, if you decide to give money, provided that only few architects could make you really beautiful, functional and low-energy house, it even less of them know how to calculate and provide the technology of construction. So leave it better in the hands of a specialist. The basic rule here should be: Architect design makes …. just that. Error №8: „The funding will allow my bank!“ The rule that bankers want nothing but your money should themselves have rediscovered. And that in pop-up „Life“ in lending to My home should you „turn“ a light in the head. So: Think and calculate long enough, by whom will eventually take credit and try to find „independent“ consultant. Half a percentage point, easily could lead to five-figure. Error №9: „Our friends, neighbors and relatives should exclaim when they see our home!“ The temptation to follow fashion here in construction, and what makes us a great neighbor. But you’d better forget it! Build only what you really will use or will you need. Consider your situation, not only today, but after 10-something years, when children grow up and caught the „real world“ Leave aside what „make others“ and explain to your consultant what you need. And … before you start to build expensive because of the opinion of your friends / relatives / neighbors leave better week of holiday, there lounging all day on sunbeds will be able to consider things calm. Error №10: „I want to 200 square meters housing, to pay 50 000 leva.“ Here is a mistake that will hardly make a purchase in a car. You could buy a new car and under 20,000 lev, but you could buy a car for more than 20,000 lev What would you say if you offer a modern saloon with all the extras to say …. … 20 000 lev – there’s a scam, right?!?! During the construction of houses is exactly the same. The rough строеж:кофраж,зидария,фундаменти,огради,пътеки,басейни,ремонт roof, construction of new rough construction of (negotiable) to square (negotiable) sq.m. labor and materials. Only work from 18 sq.m to 45 lev lev m (depending on complexity, etc.). Turnkey from € 230 m to € 250 sq.m. labor and materials! With a project of € 240 m to € 260 sq.m. Working with an experienced designer who can you draft a good price. Rough construction-brigade-construction of houses design and build roof warranty to 30 years Prefabricated houses
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